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We're Coho AI and This Is Our Journey

"What to do next" is made crystal clear

At Coho AI, we understand that modern SaaS companies face the challenge of making data-driven decisions from a vast array of data, platforms, and analyses, making it hard to pinpoint the best courses of action.

Our mission is to equip sales, operations, product, and customer success, with powerful AI-driven insights, and streamline their processes through intelligent automation, enabling them to deliver exceptional value to their users while driving business growth.

Our advanced AI platform combines the efficiency of product-led growth with the effectiveness of enterprise sales. This allows teams to focus their efforts on the most relevant opportunities. By harnessing the power of Coho AI, you can elevate conversion rates, optimize customer success, and identify the most promising prospects.

Join us on our mission to transform the way SaaS companies leverage data and analytics to achieve unparalleled growth and success.

Why Coho AI

The name Coho AI is inspired by the term "Cohort."

Cohort analysis forms the foundation of our approach and drives our commitment to delivering powerful insights through the application of cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Coho AI synthesizes data from various sources, meticulously segments and analyzes it, and employs advanced AI and ML techniques to create robust cohorts. These cohorts serve as the bedrock for the actionable insights we provide, empowering you to make informed decisions based on reliable, data-driven intelligence. Our AI-driven approach ensures continuous learning and improvement, refining the insights and recommendations over time for even greater accuracy and relevance.

Meet The Team

The founders behind the

Coho AI magic

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Itamar Falcon

CEO & Co-founder

Michael Ehrlich

CTO & Co-founder
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Ariel Maislos