Transform usage data into
560 Additional PQLs 2x Conversion 50 New Customers

Engage smarter, not harder. Use the power of AI to create seamless, personalized experiences that boost both monetization and engagement across all touchpoints.

It's not magic - it's data science!

Fueling growth for top SaaS companies


Turn curious visitors into committed customers, optimizing each interaction to drive sales.


Keep users active and invested, increasing both session times and interaction rates.


Minimize churn by identifying at-risk users early and engaging them effectively.

lifetime Value

Maximize revenue from each user by creating experiences that keep them coming back.


Build a data-driven engagement funnel

Utilize AI-powered segmentations to dig deep into user behaviors, identifying opportunities for engagement and conversion across the customer journey. Equip your team with the insights they need to act swiftly and decisively, optimizing each touchpoint for maximum impact.

Build a data-driven sales pipeline
prioritize high potential prospects

Focus on high-potential users and accounts

Zero in on your high-value user segments and individual accounts by leveraging real-time data and AI-driven predictions. Make smarter engagement choices that elevate conversion rates, optimize resource allocation, and boost ROI.


Take action when it counts

Get notified automatically when a lead's status changes, highlighting their high-priority characteristics.

Craft segmented and tailored automated workflows based on each opportunity's use case, delivering personalized outreach to different personas or roles.

pql metrics and kpis
product activation rate optimization

Maximize efficiency with existing tech-stack

Seamlessly connect with your favorite tools, streamlining the process between product insights and go-to-market actions.

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Automatic, efficient & frustration free

How It Works

It’s never been easier to connect the dots between product usage data and growth opportunities.

Unlock your data's hidden potential

Create and easy to understand data usage analysis & find the revenue growth opportunities hidden within your product usage data. 


No coding required

No need for R&D teams or data scientists. Create scoring models, automated dashboards and workflows on your own. 


Get all the answers you need

Gain immediate answers and insights into your next best actions to boost revenue with data-driven decision making.