Maximize retention with real-time hyper-personalized user journeys

Turn every interaction into an impactful experience, guiding users with personalized journeys and tailored recommendations across every channel.

revenue retention

Fueling growth for top SaaS companies

Create personalized journeys
for optimal
lifecycle engagement

Streamlined Journeys

Quickly move from idea to action with our no-code tools, making journey design and iteration simple and collaborative.

AI-Powered Engagement

Use AI to pinpoints the "next best actions" with unmatched accuracy, tailoring strategies precisely to user needs.

Real-Time Personalization

Adapt dynamically to user actions, offering personalized experiences exactly when and where they matter most.

Cohesive Experience

Ensure a smooth, unified journey across all channels, delivering a consistent user experience from start to finish.

Analyze users’ journey progression

users journey

Guide users with "Next Best Action" playbooks

user monetization

Orchestrate contextual interactions

campaign orchestration

Create omnichannel engagements

campaign orchestration

Customers reviews

What our customers say

"Moovit users now receive a smart, tailored experience, not just a random set of treatments, thanks to Coho AI, which helps us anticipate and meet our diverse needs, which has led to higher retention rates."
Anan Kenig
"At, our commitment to increasing user adoption is paramount because it directly correlates with improved conversion rates and stronger retention; Coho AI is the catalyst in this mission, turning our aspirations into measurable achievements."
Omer Perchik