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Interlace Your Revenue Tech Stack with Coho AI

By seamlessly integrating with your entire tech stack and assimilating product data from every corner, Coho AI crafts actionable insights and propels automated workflows in your essential tools. Say farewell to one-time insights and embrace the power of continual data-driven actions.


pql lead prioritization


Get a full view into account details, lead information, and user insights.

pql generation tactics


Integrate your Hubspot data with Coho AI to amplify lead scores and propel workflows via generated leads.

pql funnel analysis


Enable your sales team to see website and product analytics.

product qualified account funnel


Send timely alerts when customers perform key actions in your product.

product qualified account tools


Insight into customer tickets, support, and license requests at your fingertips.

product led growth with product qualified accounts


Trigger sequences based on how people are using your product.

product engagement kpi's


Trigger personalized cadences to the highest propensity leads automatically.

pql conversion rate


Access product usage insights, marketing attribution data, billing info, and much more via Snowflake.

pql lead prioritization


Access your centralized data around product usage, billing, marketing attribution and much more.

product activation rate


Acquire insights into user interactions with your product to enable strategic sales planning.

pql scoring system


Enable your sales team to see website and product analytics and send that data to Coho AI.

pql sales readiness


Empower your sales team with access to vital product and website analytics.

pql to revenue ratio


Access crucial customer success data to optimize your sales and retention strategies.

product activation rate


Immediate insights into customer support requests and tickets.

Coming soon!

product adoption


Sync your billing and subscription information for a comprehensive customer account view.

Coming Soon!

product engagement funnel


Launch campaigns with an enriched view of sales data and user insights.

Coming Soon!

Reserved for any integration you need.

pqa vs pql

SOC 2 Type II Certified

At Coho AI, we prioritize security above all. Our thorough dedication to safeguarding your data is confirmed by our SOC2 Type II accreditation, achieved after meticulous processing and reviews. Feel secure with the knowledge that your data is protected and managed with stringent standards.

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