Create Automatic User Segments At Speed For Targeted Engagement

Segment users in real-time based on product usage behavior, demographics, and preferences to tailor engagement strategies that meet individual user needs.

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Slice, Dice, and Personalize:
Your Pathway to Keep Your Users Coming Back

Distinct Group Insights

Gain a deep understanding of the nuances and needs of different user segments.

Automatic Segmentation

Quickly analyze and segment user data to derive actionable insights without delay.

Fully Customizable

Go beyond pre-defined buckets with fully adaptable segmentation flexibility.

Tailored Engagement

Craft targeted strategies and campaigns that resonate with each specific user groups.

Customize User Segmentation to Reflect Unique Usage Patterns

Customize user segmentation

Leverage automated segmentation to identify key user groups

automated segmentation

Use predictive behavior to guide users to take the right actions

predictive behavior