Transform your users into a goldmine of sales opportunities

Boost sales performance by uncovering high-potential opportunities in your user base, powered by AI insights and consolidated product data for unmatched revenue acceleration.

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Transform user behavior data into actionable insights

Group 681-min

Sales & Marketing

Identify your most valuable PQLs and get prospects to product value - faster. 

Group 679

Product Managers

Orchestrate your user journey to drive more engagement & self-service conversions.

Group 680

Customer Success

Keep track of customer health, identify upsell opportunities, and minimize churn. 


Make informed product-led decisions

Discover what users are doing in your product journeys and find out where gaps exist.

Identify ways to move them down the funnel based on their behavior.


Prioritize the right customers

Surface the highest value PQL, expansion and upsell opportunities based on usage. Improve your CS and sales efficiency with data-driven actions per specific accounts.


Take action when it counts

Create real-time notifications and automations to never miss an opportunity and reach users when they are engaging with your product, ready to buy or need a save before they churn.
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Use existing tech-stack in a more efficient way

Seamlessly integrate your favorite tools to streamline the process between product insights and Go-to-Market actions.

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What Users Say

"I started working with Coho and immediately introduced all GTM teams to the platform. Today, everyone is using Coho as the primary source of truth for how we need to optimize our customer journey further."

CEO at B2B SaaS Company

"The Coho platform helped us reduce the time between insight and action significantly! Before Coho, I tried to reach the same conclusion by combining data points from multiple platforms and investing in Data analyses even for the most basic questions. With Coho, we were able to unlock a goldmine of product data insights that helped us exceed our team’s expansion quota."

Customer Success Director

"The common practice before Coho was to invest heavily in creating a data warehouse that combines many sources of information where analysts and scientists tried to make sense of it. Coho replaces all of this work and provides many more things."

Growth Product Manager

Automatic, efficient & frustration free

How It Works

It’s never been easier to connect the dots between product usage data and growth opportunities.

Unlock your data's hidden potential

Create and easy to understand data usage analysis & find the revenue growth opportunities hidden within your product usage data. 


No coding required

No need for R&D teams or data scientists. Create scoring models, automated dashboards and workflows on your own. 


Get all the answers you need

Gain immediate answers and insights into your next best actions to boost revenue with data-driven decision making.