Transform usage data into
560 additional PQLs 2x conversion 50 new deals

Uncover and convert high-value opportunities using AI insights. Expand your qualified pipeline, turning more signups into paid users. 

It's not magic - it's data science!

Fueling growth for top SaaS companies


Efficiently prioritize high-impact prospects and engage them with tailored messaging, expediting the sales process.


Maximize revenue, streamline pipeline management, and allocate resources effectively for optimal results.


Increase customer conversions, enhance engagement, and improve product stickiness for lasting success.


Monitor customer health, pinpoint upsell potential, and proactively minimize churn for sustained growth.


Build a data-driven sales pipeline

Uncover high-potential PQLs by examining user behavior insights in your product journeys and pinpointing opportunities.

Empower your sales team with complete visibility into user activity, delivering real-time account-level data for improving pipeline transparency and informed decision-making.


Prioritize high-potential prospects

Focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities by understanding the factors that make them strong leads.

Equip your team with the ability to proactively target and engage the best prospects with pinpoint accuracy, maximizing outreach success and productivity.


Take action when it counts

Get notified automatically when a lead's status changes, highlighting their high-priority characteristics.

Craft segmented and tailored automated workflows based on each opportunity's use case, delivering personalized outreach to different personas or roles.

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Maximize efficiency with existing tech-stack

Seamlessly connect with your favorite tools, streamlining the process between product insights and go-to-market actions.

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Automatic, efficient & frustration free

How It Works

It’s never been easier to connect the dots between product usage data and growth opportunities.

Unlock your data's hidden potential

Create and easy to understand data usage analysis & find the revenue growth opportunities hidden within your product usage data. 


No coding required

No need for R&D teams or data scientists. Create scoring models, automated dashboards and workflows on your own. 


Get all the answers you need

Gain immediate answers and insights into your next best actions to boost revenue with data-driven decision making.